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Create your online course in 7 days!

Organize your ideas,  record, edit and host your online course in a simple and practical way in just 07 days!



✅ For liberal professionals, who work with any human development activity (coaches, mentors, consultants, coaches, speakers, psychologists, therapists, teachers, etc.) who want to create an online course to increase their revenue.

 For those who like to help people, regardless of profession or position, but want to pass it on and want to make money with it, creating an online course.

 For people with some personal or professional experience and are willing to share their learning with more people and be well paid for it, through online courses.

  • How to identify and unlock your knowledge and structure your ideas in an online course.

  •  How to create your classes and structure your online course modules.

  •  How and where to record your free online course lessons.

  • How to host your online course on the hotmat platform without paying anything for it.

  • Amounts to be charged for your course 

  • How to use Canva to record coursework, create mind maps, and edit images. 

  •  How to automatically deliver your online course.

Create your online course in 7 days! You will learn:


Alexa  Golveia 

“I am super satisfied with this course! I created my course in 5 days and I'm already making my income"

Carlos Eduardo

"I was thinking about how I would create my course, after attending the classes my ideas cleared up! I recommend it!."

Sonia Maria

“I was afraid to buy the course because I had never bought it before, but for the small price I ended up taking a risk, best decision I made.”


 First steps in the digital market 

You'll learn everything about the digital market, niche, sub-niche, persona and you'll also have access to  resources that will help you  identify your real gifts and monetizable talents, which you can turn into a digital product.

 How to structure an online course 

You will learn everything about how to structure and sell your knowledge in an online course format, from how to create a name for your course to the promise, creation of the course and its delivery.

 How to price your online course 

You will learn how to price your online course, how to do market research and how much to charge for your knowledge.

 How to put your course online in AR 

You'll learn how to put your courses online, in AR I left it ready for sale, with sales link on pix, boleto and credit card, all automatically.

 Bonus with surprise contents! 

You will have access to a module full of bonuses and content that will complement your online course business.



Try the course now create your online course in 07 days risk-free! You have 7 days to watch, test and implement my method and draw your own conclusions.

If for any reason you feel that the investment was not worth it, or that your problem has not yet been resolved, just get in touch with us and you will receive 100% of the amount paid back without the slightest bureaucracy.

You would pay a total of BRL 297.00 but TODAY you get the exclusive method and super bonuses for only BRL 10.00



✅ Access to the full course create your online course in 07 days.

 You will learn how to sell organically using your Instagram without investing a penny

​ You'll learn how to create creatives for ads and upload campaigns

✅ Access to Checklist how to create my first digital product.

 You will learn how to create your sales page to convert more and more

 You'll learn how to use the ads manager the right way to always sell automatically

✅ Paid traffic mini course

✅ Arts creation course for social networks 

✅ Website creation course

✅ Course on creatives that sell 

✅ 10 Steps to have an online business

BONUS Copy killers 

BONUS 10,000 Canva 

BONUS surprise in traffic class

✅ Right to 07 days warranty of this purchase!


BRL 697.00

For BRL 29.90

✅ Access to the full course create your online course in 07 days.

07 day guarantee!


BRL 297.00

For BRL 10.00

  • How does the course work?
    After confirming payment, you will receive access to your course by email. The course is 100% Online, in video lessons. Classes are available 24 hours a day. You can do it whenever and wherever you want.
  • Does the course provide a handout?
    Yes, a booklet in PDF with a lot of knowledge about the value of camouflage, anamnesis and biosafety in aesthetics.
  • When do I start taking the course?
    After confirmation of payment. release is done immediately, with a link by your email.
  • Until when can I register?
    This value is promotional and therefore, we can terminate subscriptions at any time.
  • How will I receive the certificate?
    The certificate is in PDF and is available at the end of the course to download and print.
  • Is this website safe?
    Yes! First: our website has a security certificate as you can see in our website url. Second: payment is made by a company that manages payments and guarantees the amount paid by customers for 7 days, that is, if you have any problems with the course, just ask for a refund and it will be done immediately. Third: You can see from our social networks that our company has been operating for several years and has carried out several projects throughout Brazil.
  • Do I need training to take the course?
    The courses at Tavarest Academy are free for all ages and levels of education, you don't need to have training to take them, you can only work with the certificate of completion that you get at the end of the course.
  • What investment do I have to make to carry out the camouflage?
    The main materials are: Dermograph or Pen (machine) (varies from 200.00 to 1,000.00) (can perform numerous aesthetic procedures) 5 pigments (lasts 1 year and a half) (on average 40.00 each) (necessary only if you are going to work with the technique with pigment) 1 manipulated formula (60.00 lasts 2 months) (required for pigment technique and zero ink technique) The rest of the materials are disposables such as gloves, paper towel, pen for marking, among others. Note: everything used for the procedure is demonstrated in the course.
  • Is this procedure highly profitable?
    Yes! the profit margin is very high, having an average cost of 30.00 per camouflage and charging between 200.00 to 800.00 per camouflaged area.
  • Will I have support in case of doubts?
    Yes! in your member area you will have information about our online support to clear all your doubts.


I'm a digital strategist specializing in online sales.

After I recorded my first course I found myself, and I realized that this is what I like to do the most! 

I created many digital products;

Founded Tavarest Academy, agency and school for releases;

The internet has changed my life, and I want to help you to have your life transformed, just like me and my students.

2023 Tavarest Academy - All Rights Reserved

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